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Piano Chord Tutorial Number One, The Basics...

Here is Piano Chord Tutorial, Lesson One, which is available at YouTube for free viewing and available to watch for free here. Welcome to the class.

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Piano Chord Tutorial Number One

Here is some information about piano chords. How to play accompaniment for yourself on piano or keyboard when you sing. If you want to learn melody playing on piano or how to read music, I can't help you. There are many other sites which have piano basics and sight reading info. When you take piano lessons at school or piano lessons from a teacher you will probably be taught how to read music. For most people who want to quickly learn how to play piano, it is not necessary to read music. Playing piano by learning to play piano chords is the quickest way to learn. Most of the famous rock and roll and country music piano players do not read music. They play chords on keyboard or piano while they sing.

Sheet music is like a script for some musicians. Playing chords will give the musician much more flexibility in improvising.

Most famous singers who play piano use chords. Even the piano players who read music are often playing chords that are written into the piano music. Learning to play chords on the piano will take far less time than learning to read music. It is easier to improvise using chords on piano than it would be to try to use individual notes while you sing your songs. Piano chords are usually made up of three or more notes. The basic fingering can be quickly learned by practicing your piano chords for an hour each day. It is relatively easy to learn to play piano chotds.

Names of Piano Notes

This shows the names of the white keys on the piano keyboard. Notice the "C" note is always just to the left of the grouping of TWO black keys and the "F" note is just to the left of the THREE black keys on any piano or keyboard. The keys go from A to G then it starts with A again. Learn the names of the white keys.

The black notes on the piano are called SHARPS and FLATS. If a black note is to the right of a white note it is a SHARP. If it is on the left it is a FLAT. The note to the right of the C note is a C SHARP. The note to the left of the B note is a B FLAT. The note to the left of the E can be called E FLAT or D SHARP.

Keyboard Right Hand C Chord

A right hand C Chord on a piano.

If you play the C key and the E key and the G key all at the same time you are playing a C CHORD. Play the chord with the right hand on the right hand side of the piano keyboard. Change the notes slightly from time to time so you play the C and E and G notes as shown, then try E and G and C (the E note on the left and the G in the middle and the C on the right). Any combination of C plus E plus G notes at the same time is a form of the C Chord. You also can play C plus E plus G plus another C note on the right (4 notes total at the same time). Mess around with the C plus E plus G notes together all over the piano keyboard.

Put your fingers on the C and E and G notes with both the left and right hands and pound out a rhythm or just bounce your fingers up and down and get used to the C Chord.

Keyboard F Chord

An F chord is made with the F note and the A note and the C note all played at the same time.

Keyboard G Chord

The G Chord is made by playing the G and B and D notes all together.

To make any MAJOR chord on piano, put your finger on the note that is the same name as the chord. If you want an A Chord, put your finger on the A note. Now call that note number 1 and count to the right every note black and white. A is 1, B Flat is 2, B is 3 and so on. When you get to note number 5 in the sequence that is part of your chord. Keep counting to the right until you get to note number 8. That is your third note for the chord. The A chord therefore is an A note plus a C Sharp plus an E note. You can find any chord on the piano keyboard that way. The E Chord is E plus A Flat and B notes together. You will find them.

A MINOR chord is 1 and 4 and 8 in a sequence of notes. The E Minor Chord is an E plus G plus B. The A Minor Chord is A plus C plus E. C Minor Chord is C plus E Flat plus G.

Learn Quickly

Keyboard Image

Practice the C Chord with both hands.

When you are a beginner it will seem difficult. As time goes by you will play faster and faster. Do this sequence slowly and repeatedly until it gets easier. First play the left hand C note only. Play it with the little finger. Second, play a right hand C Chord (all three notes at once). Third, play the left hand E and G notes together (probably with the index finger and thumb). Fourth, play a right hand C Chord again (all three notes at the same time). Repeat again. Left hand little finger C note (one note) and so on. Try it with your hands on the G Chord (both hands) and the F Chord.

Most song books have the chord name (letter) printed above the word where the chord is played. When you get to a word which has a different chord (letter) printed above it, change to that new chord. To start try the song Jingle Bells on the piano. Play a C Chord with both hands. Get a pitter patter going slowly. Sing MMMMM until you find your key. Now sing JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE ALL THE WAY. When you sing the word OH play an F Chord with both hands. Keep singing and playing the F Chord until you get to to the word IS and play the C Chord again. Now play the C Chord until you get past the RIDE ON A. Change to a D Chord on the word ONE and stay there until the word SLEIGH which is a G Chord. You are now halfway through.

Repeat everything as above, except...when you sing OH WHAT FUN IT IS TO RIDE, use an A chord on the word RIDE. Stop playing and hold that note. Then sing ON A with no music at all. Now finish with a D chord as you sing ONE HORSE then play a G chord as you sing OPEN and finish with a C chord SLEIGH. Big finish, hit the C chord 3 times while you hold your note with your voice. To add more drama after the 3 C chord hits, play an F chord 2 times and an FMinor 2 times and the C chord again. Take a bow. You are a piano player.

Shop for a keyboard

SILENT NIGHT is another three chord song. Start it in C and when something sounds wrong try the G or the F.

There are sites which have the chords listed for most popular songs of the past 100 years. Keep searching the sites, but be aware some lyric sites are known to be sources of malware. There are also music books available from retailers with the piano chords listed above the lyrics. Learn the piano chords and then find the music with the chord patterns, if you are not able to hunt and peck and figure it out. Some songs have very obscure chords but you will find those hidden piano chords. You will find any song you want and you will develop your "ear" for piano chords over a few months. It really works. Have fun.