Piano Chord Tutorial Number Seven, Elvis Public Domain Songs and Blues Riff

Here is Piano Chord Tutorial, Lesson Seven, which is available at YouTube for free viewing and available to watch for free here.

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Piano Chord Tutorial Number Seven

This Piano Chord Tutorial, Lesson Seven, has a basic piano chord progression for some public domain songs which have been used as the basis for popular songs. Two Elvis Presley songs were actually old public domain standards before new lyrics were written for their chord progressions. In this lesson you will teach yourself the chord progressions for those songs.

This lesson also has an easy piano riff which can be used in many songs, especially Blues type performances. Be sure to watch the earlier tutorials to learn how to make and play piano chords.


Playing piano chords and playing riffs while singing is what most famous singers who play piano are doing. Whether you enjoy the music of the 1950s artists such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard or Fats Domino, they were playing chords on piano while they sang. It is also true of most Vegas style and New Orleans style performers. Some play guitar and some play piano or keyboard but they use chords. You can play chords and still develop your own style. Many music teachers who play piano and teach piano by reading sheet music will not embrace the idea of learning to play piano chords. Most of those teachers also will never play piano in the spotlight in Las Vegas while they sing fun hit songs. Talk to any famous piano player who sings while he or she plays the keyboard and ask them if they play piano chords. Most famous popular piano stylists rely on piano chords. You will probably never see them reading sheet music while they play the keyboard. In this lesson you will feel the freedom of being able to play fun songs without reading sheet music.

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